Control Fire, Water, and Earth in Stealth Puzzler WildfireEARTH, WIND & FIRE 

Wildfire is a stealth game that allows players to master the elements to outsmart superstitious enemies who are in awe of your godlike powers.

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Release Date Announced

Shiness, the unique role-playing game with intense melee-focused action is out soon, take a look at the new music trailer.

Experience the Brutality of Ancient Rome’s Gladiatorial Battles in DominaGRATITUDE! 

Domina combines multiple genres to demonstrate what it took to run a successful ludus in the ruthless arenas of ancient Rome.

Reminisce About Your Childhood in 80s-Inspired Crossing SoulsSYNTH & NEON 

Crossing Souls is an action adventure game about a group of friends on an adventure of a lifetime; filled to the brim with 80s references.

Miniature Figurines Come to Life in Real-Time Strategy Game WartileHEXCELLENT 

Wartile is a fantastic-looking real-time strategy game based on Norse mythology that’s all about positioning troops on the battlefield.

Melancholy Republic Is a Grand Tale of Heartbreak and TragedyTROUBLE AND SUFFERING IN A LOVELY RHYTHM 

Melancholy Republic is an ambitious indie role-playing game that promises a deep, mature story set in the beautiful city of Lorna.

Explore and Survive in the Beautiful Alien World of Planet NomadsOUT OF THIS WORLD 

Planet Nomads is a science fiction open world game in which you can build anything you want, explore the planet and try to survive its dangers.


A merciless, difficult score based shooter lies under the cool synth aesthetics of DESYNC.

The Darkside Detective Is a Funny Noir Adventure GameDARK COMEDY 

The Darkside Detective is a pixelated retro throwback to the golden age of point and click adventure games of yesteryear.

Bunny Bounce {Review}A GAME OF CAT AND MOUSE 

Bunny Bounce feels like a return to form, it's well-structured, well-written, and comes off as a more confident entry in the Beach Bounce series.

Cities Skylines Sells 3.5 Million Copies WorldwideFREE DLC COMING 

The clear winner of the city building wars has been determined as Cities Skylines continues to enjoy its well-deserved commercial success.

Disturbing Horror Adventure Bad Dream Coma Is Out NowWAKE UP 

Bad Dream: Coma is a point and click adventure game that uses a disconcerting art style to establish a dark and grisly atmosphere.

Blizzard Could Ban Your Overwatch Account If You Farm XPYOU HAVE BEEN WARNED 

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that farming XP in custom games “is not okay” and that Blizzard will “start to take disciplinary action”.

Daedalic’s State of Mind Is a Futuristic Thriller About TranshumanismREALITY CHECK 

State of Mind is the next adventure game from German developer Daedalic Entertainment, in which you explore two different game worlds.

Stories Untold {Review}BE KIND, REWIND 

Pop this into your VCR… I mean… computer, if you dare.

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3 Release Date and Requirements RevealedHOT 

Relic Entertainment’s new entry in the celebrated real-time strategy series is coming out soon, find out if you have what it takes to run it.

Mass Effect Andromeda Showcases Golden Worlds in New TrailerHOT 

Here’s the latest trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda – this time, the focus is on seven planets designated as Golden Worlds.


Alone with You is a solid effort with satisfactory writing, nice art style, stellar sound design, and extremely repetitive design.

Rockstar Outlines a Host of New Features Coming to GTA OnlineHOT 

In the coming months, GTA Online will get several brand-new features, including weaponized vehicles, illegal arms trade, and dodgeball.

Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Beta Cancelled, BioWare ApologizesNEW SCREENSHOT 

Players were invited to sign up for the multiplayer beta last year, but the developer has abandoned the initial plans just weeks prior to launch.

5 Reasons Why Torment: Tides of Numenera Is Such a Refreshing RPG

Torment: Tides of Numenera is imaginative, strange, full of wonder, and we try to delineate why exactly it’s such an invigorating game.

Loot Rascals {Review}

Survive the dangers of space travel by building a deck of cards in a bizarre roguelike adventure.

Dazzling Sci-Fi Survival Horror Game PAMELA Is Out Next WeekNEW TRAILER 

PAMELA is an amazing-looking indie survival horror game that features a big, open world in which you’ll try to survive as long as you can.


Rotate around levels and uncover secrets in this dizzying retro-futuristic 1980s inspired space shooter.

Beauty Bounce {Review}BOUNCE BACK 

Beauty Bounce is a mixed bag that offers a fun little storyline, but also feels like a missed opportunity because of its simplicity and heavy reuse of art.

Mass Effect Andromeda Is “Softcore Space Porn”SIZZLING HOT 

BioWare’s Aaryn Flynn confirms that the space role-playing game has been bumped from “partial nudity” to full “nudity” by the ESRB.

Overwatch Hero 24 Could Be Omnic – New Details EmergeBREAKING 

An “unknown assailant” destroys multiple OR15 defense units in fierce confrontation at Numbani airport, no civilian casualties reported.

A Pixel Story {Review}PIXELATED 

A single pixel can make a huge difference in the world of System. This is its story.

Mass Effect Andromeda Previews Round-UpHOT 

We scour the internet to find the most interesting tidbits about BioWare’s space action RPG based on several hours of hands-on gameplay.

Viking Simulation Northgard Now Available on Steam Early AccessNEW RELEASE 

Strategy/simulation hybrid Northgard has been released on Steam Early Access, we bring you some player impressions and reviews.


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