Bad Dream: Coma is a point and click adventure game with a grisly atmosphere backed by a distinct and disconcerting art style.

We’ve all had those dreams in which people, things and places seem familiar, but everything is warped in some way that it just gives us the chills. Some such dreams go beyond that and become full-on nightmares. And as you wake up, you’re overwhelmed by the sense of relief. It’s all right, it was just a bad dream. But what happens when you can’t wake up? What if you’re forced to go through the nightmare until the end?

That’s what Bad Dream: Coma is all about. It’s a point and click adventure game with a minimalistic yet striking art style that seeks to convey a surreal and grim atmosphere of a terrible dream. You’re tasked to travel through this “disturbing dreamland where everything depends on your actions”. The developers are promising non-linear gameplay with high replayability. It seems that you can make a lot of choices throughout the game that result in both small and huge repercussions. You can’t die in the game, but “you can suffer greatly”, although we’re not sure what that means exactly.

The trailer and the screenshots certainly make a good case for Bad Dream: Coma. It should definitely appeal to most horror fans. The monochrome art style with splashes of red communicates a dark and ominous tone. The imagery itself is disturbing enough, with cut off fingers floating around in a bowl of soup, creepy smiling clowns, and broken dolls with terror on their faces.

There’s not an exact release date just yet, but the Steam product page reveals that Bad Dream: Coma should arrive sometime this February. If you’re on the fence, you can try out the demo. Yes, those still exist, we were surprised as well.

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