Bunny Bounce feels like a return to form, it’s well-structured, well-written, and comes off as a more confident entry in the Beach Bounce series.

  • Developer: Brightly Studios
  • Publisher: Dharker Studio
  • Genre: Visual Novel
  • Release date: 10 March 2017
  • Played on: PC
  • Play time: 3 hours

Bunny Bounce is the third entry in the Beach Bounce series, which is structured somewhat similarly to a TV show. Beach Bounce was the pilot in which most of the characters were established and now we just continue to tune in and see what’s up with the gang at the Beach Bounce resort. Each new entry is basically a short episode that revolves around a certain event. If you need a recap, Tomoyo is a young man who inherited the Beach Bounce resort after his grandmother died. After some fiscal concerns and beauty pageant in the last episode Beauty Bounce, the resort is once again operating normally.

Summer is slowly coming to an end and the resort is making its preparations for the end of the busy season. On his way from the bank, Tomo is involved in an accident. A car swerves off the road and hits Tomo, who ends up in the hospital. It could have been much worse, though, as a passer-by pushed him out of the way in the last second. He is still injured, but not critically. Apart from some cuts and bruises, the bump on the head caused an interesting side effect. Tomo seems to be hallucinating and sees all the girls at the resort (as well as his nurse) in their underwear. Oh, and they also have animal ears.

Bunny Bounce review

I’m personally not into the animal stuff (I know there’s a proper name for it, but I’m not informed enough about it and don’t want to be), but it’s really not that noticeable. It never felt weird or intrusive. The girls don’t have tails or snouts or whatever (thankfully), just the ears, which don’t stand out much. Bunny Bounce sticks to the overall theme of the series, it’s flirty and fun.

I found the structure of the game to be much better than Beauty Bounce. Sex scenes are spread out through the entire game and occur more naturally as opposed to the one sex scene at the end of each playthrough structure of Beauty Bounce. The art is sexier, and the writing during the sex scenes is definitely an improvement. I only wish the sex scenes had more poses to correlate with what’s being described. The entire story just has a much more natural flow to it.

If the story has a fault, it’s the ending. There are four possible endings, one of which is pretty funny, but the rest revolve around Yuuki, and they just don’t feel that satisfying. One doesn’t even make any sense. Regardless, it’s a relatively small blemish on what is otherwise a fun little storyline.

Bunny Bounce review

When it comes to the art, Bunny Bounce has a similar problem as Beauty Bounce – too much of it is reused from the original game. However, the good news is that there are more new locations this time around and they look very nice. The girls also look a bit nicer, and the poses are much better. Bunny Bounce features a brand-new soundtrack, and it’s very good. I kind of missed the main theme just a little bit, but the new music is really nice – upbeat and cheery for the most part, and slow and sensual when it needs to be. I did have a slight problem with the audio as there were multiple instances of prolonged silence during certain sections of the game, which certainly affected the overall experience.

After the somewhat disappointing Beauty Bounce, Bunny Bounce feels not only like a return to form, but it also feels like the series is making progress. Bunny Bounce is well-structured, well-written, and it comes off as a more confident entry in the Beach Bounce series.

  • Overall Score: - 7/10

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