The action role-playing game that combines a large and captivating world with a fighting system straight out of a full-blown brawler has been released.

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom, the action RPG by developer Enigami and indie game publisher Focus Home Interactive, is out now. At first glance, the game is reminiscent of classic Japanese role-playing games, most notably Dragon Quest. It’s definitely got that vibe when you look at the character designs and the colorful game world.

Just like in those games, you’re able to travel across a vibrant, magical world and get into all sorts of adventures. However, the combat system couldn’t be any more different. Shiness does away with the turn-based combat system in favor of a real-time melee-based one. Shiness feels equal parts Dragon Quest and Street Fighter. A strange, but exciting concept.

And the reception has been positive so far. The game is currently enjoying a “positive” Steam user rating. There are only 45 user reviews as of writing, 86% of which are positive. Players are citing the artwork, soundtrack, story, and puzzles as the best elements of the game. Everyone is pointing out that a gamepad is absolutely necessary as the game doesn’t allow any key remapping, which could be frustrating for mouse and keyboard players. Negative reviews are claiming that the combat has certain issues regarding the parry/dodge combo mechanics.

In Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom, players take on the role of Chado and his four companions; Poky, Kayenne, Rosalya, and Askel. You’ll be able to travel all over the Celestial Islands thanks to your flying boat. After the group accidentally lands in hostile territory, they find themselves in the midst of a power struggle raging between several kingdoms. Chado has a special advantage in the form of Shiness, which is a magical spirit that no one can see except for him.

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