Wildfire is a stealth game that allows players to master the elements to outsmart superstitious enemies who are in awe of your godlike powers.

There’s a high chance that you’ll need to take just one look at Wildfire’s trailer to come to the conclusion that it’s pretty cool stuff. I mean, you get to throw fireballs and set everything on fire, freeze water, and command the earth itself. The interesting thing about it is that this is a world in which magic has pretty much died out, and you’ve been branded as a witch because of your elemental powers. The Arch Duchess has sent out her forces to hunt you down as you make your way through lush forests, deep caverns, and frozen mountaintops.

The upside is that your enemies are deeply superstitious, which means that they are deathly afraid of your power over the elements. You’ll see them running away in fear as you fling fireballs around and set the environment on fire. You can also freeze water to cross lakes and trap enemies in the ice. Being able to command the earth means that you can grow grass to hide yourself in, and vines which you can use to climb up and reach new heights.

As you use the elements, you’ll learn new abilities. Wildfire allows players to play their own way. If you want to be a crazy pyromaniac and set the world ablaze, you can totally do so. You can also opt for a more tactical approach and use stealth to slip by enemies unnoticed. Naturally, you can always just mix the two wildly different play styles on the fly. Indie developer studio Sneaky Bastards promises intelligent and challenging enemies. They will all work together, communicate, investigate any strange sounds, and pretty much do whatever it takes to hunt you down.

There’s no exact release date for Wildfire right now, but it should be out sometime this year.

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