Our first episode of Drinking w/ Devs is now live and ready to be taken in, if you have the courage to do so. We put Big O Tree Games through the ringer as we dig deep into how they are set up and what they are doing to get Dirty Chinese Restaurant off the ground. It really is worth seeing the full version, however, those that are short on time can watch the condensed (and we mean very condensed) version below.

Truth be told, we vetted the hell out of these guys and it is worth noting that they have a true intention, and an awesome attitude, with delivering a great experience. (No pressure, George.)

Do you like this type of content? Well, here at FREEDOM ★ we simply are introducing you to the reality of building a game and the experiences of launching a passion, but at the end of the day you are the ones playing them. If you like it, reach out to these guys on their twitter and let them know what you think. They are big boys and can certainly take it. Dirty Chinese Restaurant is set to release this year and you can also participate in the beta if you jump on our Discord server.

That is correct, you can talk to them directly on our Discord. You may very well like to be a part of it as we uncover and discuss more games that are in development.

A big thanks to Indie Watch who also facilitates and brings value to the indie game community. (Keep up the good work, Fernando!)

The full version of the live stream can be viewed here:

Watch live video from FreedomCGC on www.twitch.tv

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