Everspace is a fast-paced space combat game that fuses roguelike elements and stellar graphics with exploration, crafting, and loot.

Everspace has been in Early Access since September 2016, and developer Rockfish Games has announced that the game is launching for real on May 26. In addition to the news, Early Access players have received a substantial update that brings a host of new features and improvements.

New Features
• Added mysterious alien race, referred to as “The Ancients”
• Added ancient structures, which work as shortcuts
• Added Glyphs, the second kind of Enhancements
• Added functional, animated cockpit displays for all player ships
• Added option to hide HUD in cockpit view
• Added new device: Missile Turret
The update also includes numerous tweaks and bugfixes, but these are the big additions everyone should care about.

In case you haven’t checked out Everspace yet, it’s basically a single-player roguelike space shooter with persistent progression. Just like every roguelike, Everspace is promising that each run will be exciting and different from the last one as the game attempts to throw you in completely new situations every time. In addition to the space dogfighting, Everspace offers the ability to craft equipment and modifications by using collected or mined resources. You can also search for blueprints that will enable you to craft exotic weaponry and equipment.

Steam user reviews for Everspace are currently “very positive”. There are over a thousand user reviews and 87% of those have given the game a thumbs up. Users point out that Everspace can be played in short, ten-minute bursts or hours-long sessions. Players are also praising the graphics as well as the satisfying flight and combat controls. Others are pointing out that the gameplay is straightforward but addictive, and that it becomes more enjoyable after each subsequent run. The negative reviews point out that the game gets repetitive and boring. Some users claim that it’s too hard. Take that as you will.

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