Planet Nomads is a science fiction open world game in which you can build anything you want, explore the planet and try to survive its dangers.

Are there enough open world survival games? Apparently not, because people can’t seem to get enough of them. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to find an open world survival game that stands out. Planet Nomads may not be doing anything revolutionary, but the way it does it is certainly intriguing enough. First of all, the game looks absolutely gorgeous. The colors are vibrant, the lighting and the plant life look especially nice. Visually, it’s something of a cross between Mass Effect and No Man’s Sky.

When it comes to the gameplay, Planet Nomads offers a lot. According to development studio Craneballs, “building is the cornerstone of Planet Nomads. What you build determines your chances of survival and increases your action radius and potential to uncover more materials.” There are over a hundred Lego-style building blocks to choose from, and you’re free to build pretty much anything that comes to mind. You’re only limited by your imagination. Naturally, the obvious choices are building bases and vehicles, but if games like Minecraft are any indication, we expect some people to go wild with this concept.

Aside from building things, you can also explore the world. The developers are promising that certain areas could be “radically different”. As you unlock advanced technology, you’ll be able to explore more hazardous places. Above all, you need to survive. You play as a lone scientist who has crash-landed on a planet that no human has seen before. You’ll need to gather food and water, and you’ll need to be on the lookout for any dangers. These include the wild life, radiation, poisonous atmosphere, and other environmental hazards.

Planet Nomads is coming to Steam Early Access on April 18.

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