For the King combines strategy, Japanese RPG combat, and roguelike elements and wraps them all in a cartoony but brutal world.

The peaceful kingdom of Fahrul was once an idyllic place. Villages and forts scattered around a beautiful landscape with lush forests and azure seas. But no more. After the King was assassinated by an unknown attacker, the kingdom has fallen into chaos. The Queen has put out a desperate plea to the citizens of the land to do their part and fight for their beloved King. Your task is to step up to the challenge, gather a party, and defend your village and your realm.

For the King is an intriguing mix of turn-based strategy and roguelike. Your party explores a grid-based map, which is full of enemies, quests, and events. As you move around the map, you can split your party up in order to cover more ground or you can stick together so that you’re stronger when trouble comes. During the night, you can set up safe camps or simply choose to brave the horrors that lurk in the darkness.

When you engage enemies, the game transitions to a battle screen. Developer IronOak Games describes it as a Japanese RPG combat system, but when you look at the entire game, it seems much more reminiscent of turn-based strategy games like Heroes of Might and Magic or Disciples, albeit on a smaller scale. Either way, the developers promise a real challenge despite the lovely cartoony art style.

For the King has been successfully Kickstarted and is coming to Steam Early Access sometime in Q1 2017. The Early Access version seems to be rather robust as the developers claim that the “core adventure is complete from beginning to end”. The game is playable in single-player, local or online co-op. The goal for the Early Access run is to polish and balance the game as well as add new content.

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