Negligee offers almost everything you would expect from a good adult visual novel – amusing story, attractive girls, vibrant art, and plenty of choices.

  • Developer: Dharker Studio
  • Publisher: Dharker Studio
  • Genre: Visual Novel
  • Release date: 20 October 2016
  • Played on: PC
  • Play time: 7 hours

Three cute young women stand before me, waiting in anticipation. As the manager of a lingerie shop, I have to decide which one of them would be best suited to work in the shop. Then it dawns on me. I will describe various types of lingerie as vaguely as possible and the girls need to figure out what is the item in question. Not only that, but they have to parade around in the garments they pick out while pitching them to me as if I’m a customer. Flirting and sexual innuendos are recommended.

These are the kinds of scenarios that you can expect in Negligee, the brand-new adult visual novel from developer Dharker Studio. In this no-men-allowed tale of love and lingerie, you play as Hannah, a young woman that unexpectedly becomes the manager of a lingerie shop. Hannah has worked at the shop for about three years, so she is familiar with how everything works. But she can’t work alone. Emily, the store owner who is never actually at the shop, suggests that Hannah hires an assistant.

There are three applicants (Sophie, Charlotte, and Jasmin) and Hannah will need to assess their work ethic in order to decide who gets the job. That won’t be so easy as the girls are very different and they all bring something to the table. Sophie is the joke-cracking extrovert who is not only good with customers, but she is also an aspiring lingerie designer. Jasmin is a more mature and composed young woman with an impeccable work ethic. Last but not least, Charlotte is a shy teenager straight out of high school determined to prove that she can handle anything you throw at her.


Aside from the applicants, you will also be able to interact with several more women throughout the game – the store owner, former manager, and a couple of customers. There are a lot of choices, all of which can have a significant impact on the overall outcome. That means that the game is highly replayable as you’ll definitely want to see all the possible endings, both good and bad. The story is lighthearted and flirty, which goes really well with the overall theme.

Sometimes, these types of games try to incorporate some heavy-handed, even tragic events. Not only do these attempts fall flat, but they are completely unwarranted and unwelcome. The point is to have a good time, not bum myself out. Thankfully, there’s none of that in Negligee. The writing is good for the most part, although there are some grammatical errors. The dialogue is lively and flirtatious with plenty of sexual insinuations. The only one who brings the mood down a little bit is Hannah, who responds to the girls’ obviously coquettish and coy behavior much too seriously. It would be more natural if she went along with the jokes, especially later on when she gets to know the girls a lot better.

Negligee has a great art style. The girls are attractive and the various types of lingerie they try on throughout the game ranges from cute to sensual. Aside from the girls and the lingerie, the backgrounds looks great as well. However, while there is a decent amount of locations, I wish there were more. It makes sense that most of the game is set in the shop, but the store could have been shown from multiple angles in order to introduce more variety to the backgrounds.


Just like the art style, the upbeat soundtrack completely fits the subject matter at hand. There is one track that really stands out, with a bluesy, jazzy groove. Unfortunately, it’s limited to a single scene. Speaking of scenes, the sex scenes are mostly a payoff at the end. More scenes would definitely be welcome, maybe some sort of mini-scenes throughout the story.

The sex scenes are good, but they also feel a bit too similar. More variety in positions and scenarios would have been nice. One sex scene in particular (the “ultimate” scene) is kind of a disappointment, especially considering that you’ll have your work cut out for you in order to figure out how to achieve it. One problem that I had with the sex scenes was that, a lot of the time, the text box would get in the way of the action. The game doesn’t indicate this anywhere, but here’s a pro tip: you can hide the text box at any time by pressing the middle mouse button or the “H” key. This really should have been pointed out in the game.

The Steam version of the game doesn’t feature any nudity; all the girls are depicted in lingerie. However, even if you have the Steam version, you can download the uncensored patch, which introduces full-blown nudity, and thus, a lot more scenes.

Negligee offers almost everything you would expect from a good adult visual novel. The story is amusing and laid-back, the girls are attractive and flirty, the art is vibrant and lovely, and there are plenty of choices. It’s simply a well-made game in which hot young girls prance around in their underwear.

  • Overall Score: - 7/10

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  1. Profile photo of Tony

    Wow, this is a first. A visual novel game that has actually been given a positive review. Great to see this game provides a positive experience.

    I think it is hilarious that the text box covers the “action”.

    Is there any voice over in this game is it just text?

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