Shiness, the unique role-playing game with intense melee-focused action is out soon, take a look at the new music trailer.

Indie game publisher Focus Home Interactive and developer Enigami have announced the release date for Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom, their colorful action RPG. The game is coming out on April 18. The release date announcement is accompanied by a brand-new trailer primarily meant to highlight the game’s soundtrack, composed by Enigami’s co-founder Hazen Hawash. The video is almost three minutes long, and aside from the music, it shows off plenty of action gameplay, cutscenes, and lovely environments.

In Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom, players take on the role of Chado and his four companions; Poky, Kayenne, Rosalya, and Askel. You’ll be able to travel all over the Celestial Islands thanks to your flying boat. After the group accidentally lands in hostile territory, they find themselves in the midst of a power struggle raging between several kingdoms. Chado has a special advantage in the form of Shiness, which is a magical spirit that no one can see except for him.

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom promises “a large and captivating world” with lots of interactivity. The developers offer an example of entering a secret cave. If brute strength is your thing, you can just crush the big rock that is denying you passage. Alternatively, you can use telekinetic powers to activate a secret mechanism and enter from the back. The developers also promise “hyper-dynamic fights mixing magic and traditional fighting game mechanics”, such as hits, blocks, and combos. As you make your way through the world, you’ll be gaining experience, progressing the storyline, upgrading your characters, and learning new skills and spells.

Shiness looks like a very interesting mix of gameplay styles. After all, there aren’t that many open world cartoony brawlers with role-playing elements.

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