The Great Whale Road is a Viking narrative-driven turn-based strategy game with RPG elements set in the early Middle Ages.

There’s no question that The Banner Saga made quite a splash when it was released a few years ago. Everyone loved its blend of storytelling, art, decision-making, and tactical gameplay. It’s no wonder a game as beloved and successful as that would inspire other developers to go down a similar route. If you take just a quick glance at The Great Whale Road, you’ll be reminded of The Banner Saga. In our book, that’s a good thing.

The Great Whale Road tells the story of the Danes from Úlfarrsted, a village on a small North Sea island just off the coast from the Danish-Saxon borderland. Just like a lot of Vikings during the early Middle Ages, these people decide to sail the North Sea to find new lands, and therefore plunder and glory. The campaign will take you on a grand journey from the north of Denmark to the south of England. The game employs an interesting event system that covers all areas of medieval life – from farming to family feuds.

The gameplay is split into two seasons. During the winter, you’ll be tasked to plan for the year ahead. Once the summer arrives, you’ll sail along the whale road and visit other towns and villages. You have to fulfill a quest each year in order to ensure that you have enough food for your people to survive the long winter months.

The Great Whale Road sports an absolutely beautiful hand-drawn art style, which is also reminiscent of The Banner Saga. One thing that’s different about The Great Whale Road is that it is historical fiction. That means no magic or mystical creatures. After approximately eight months of Early Access, The Great Whale Road has been fully released today.

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